Thursday, May 26, 2005

I have got a crick in my neck the size of a baseball and it's totally subluxating my chi.

In the meantime, our brand new little shitmachine has been digging in the backyard, so I've been burying the products of her overactive bowels in her cleverly dug holes. The upside? The existing holes won't get any deeper. The downside? New holes.

Here's a pic of suki.

So far, she's dug some impressive holes, chewed my last bra in half, peed in nearly every room in the house, escaped from her kennel area in the garage twice (proceeding to knock over a jerry can of gasoline) and fallen off the coffee table upon realizing that I would kill her if she ever did it again.

But she looks so innocent, you say? Yes, they all do. It's the genius of puppies.

I know you want to take her home. You do. You know someone who does. I'll even throw in housetraining and a fantastic red collar. Come. come get her.

I realized today that it's only two weeks until chimwemwe comes back. wow. I expect her to be busy..... She's got a wedding to plan. I don't expect to see much of her, but even so.... it's the next big thing to look forward to. You know how it is when you have nothing to look forward to? Life looses all its color and the menial tasks that comprise your days become so difficult to perform..... So I try to make sure I always have something to look forward to. Sometimes you have to invent something.

The rat pack wants to come back inside. I should go make sure they get everything they want lest they terrorize my family and burn my house down.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Well, I took Abu for a walk.

A neighborhood kid who I have gotten to know brought a puppy out to see Abu. She said she had found it in the back alley, and was going to ask her dad if she could keep it, and she wanted to know if I would give her dog food.

I told her, that if she wanted to have a dog, then she needed to be able to get it dog food. I had a feeling that her parents wouldn't allow her to keep the dog. I looked at the puppy.... she was maybe three months old. She was all black, aside from a bit of white on her chin, and a bit of white on her chest. Really, she looked a lot like Abu did as a puppy, though her head was a little small and her tail more whiplike. I knew that she would wind up right back in that alley. I knew it.

So I said it. I said "if your dad says no, you bring her to my house, and I'll make sure she finds a good home." That's what I said. I said it twice for good measure. Then I went to my roomie's parents for dinner.

I came home to find the girl on her bike, and the puppy following her, in front of my house, waiting for me to come home. "dad said no," she said, so together we brought the puppy into my house. I knew how that little girl felt. I had seen earlier that day that the puppy had already bonded to her. "I'm gonna miss her" she said. I assured her that she would find a home with lots of food and lots of love, and that I'd let her know what happened.

So that's that. For a little while at least, we have a new member in this household. I've named her Suki, meaning "beloved." I plan to find her a home where she will be exactly that.
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