Saturday, July 29, 2006

not much is new since my last little regina-hood episode. Abu is enjoying her two new collars, one for walking, and one 'dress' collar which has taken me this long to find, and no one expected me to buy. A pale pink collar with white flowers, it looks fantastic on her, and should put to silence the people who insist on calling her "him."

Most of you already know that I managed to stab myself in the hand while cutting an avocado. By comparing the length of the cut to the width of the knife tip I would estimate the depth of the cut to be about a half inch, which about half of the thickness of my hand in that place. Two stitches and one week later, I have regained most function but still find myself working around pain when performing certain functions. It's hard to imagine that I'll ever be able to fully extend my middle finger, and what a tragedy that would be.

today it is cold and rainy, and it makes me wish that I had my playstation, which is currently away for repair. Yesterday I managed to pick up a game from one of my favorite titles, the third of the prince of persia trilogy, for only 15 dollars. That is a steal. Imagine my surprise to open the playstation case and find that the game inside is for an xbox!! I'll be going back today to replace it, and maybe I can get my playstation back to. It's a perfect day for gaming.

I'll be heading out to manitoba on august 19 and leaving the following friday or saturday, depending on my mood. most likely I'll be camped out at st. malo for the duration of that time, with a few forays (as few as possible) into the urban sprawl where my friends live. Abu will be with me at every moment, so don't anyone suggest otherwise.

Before holidays, however, is the regina folk festival, a tiny venue with some big names, most notably, ANI DIFRANCO!! Two weeks people. There is a small chance (assuming that my connections pull through) that I will have the opportunity to meet this human, who is in the top picks of humans whose hands I intend to shake before I die. She is also on the list of people who should be my best friend, but if she finds that out, I'll come across as stan from the eminem video where the dude locks his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk and drives off a bridge, all because slim shady won't write him back. I am SOOOOO not that dude. Nevertheless, ani would love me if she met me. ;)

So that's all there is. I'm waiting on parts for my electric bike, and after that I'm planning to solve the world's energy crisis with a method I can't discuss here in case the CIA is reading. The oil companies are going down!!
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