Thursday, September 30, 2004

I think this will be my last post.... until I'm settled in my new place. There's lots to say but there's just not time. Suffice to say that things are coming together, and I am in high spirits. Tomorrow is my last day of work. I have a couple ends to tie up, and a job lead to pursue, and a few more things to pack. I've finished my pepsi, and most of my food, and I'm nearly finished the fantasy trilogy that I foolishly began (the books must stay here, as they don't belong to me)

Poor Abu watches me pack and seems to think I'm about to run off to Africa again. I keep telling her she's coming with on this trip, but since she doesn't understand much english, it does precious little good. I don't really mind because when she's in this mood, she sleeps on the bed with me, and I sleep better that way, strangely enough. I should pretend to pack every night.

Now I need to go finish my book..... time is running out....

I'll see you on the other side

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I remember the week before I left for Africa. I was run down and tired, so close to a holiday that would really be a lot of work, getting ready to escape from my grueling schedule only to return jet lagged, mefloquin saturated, and heartbroken to the exact same grueling schedule.

I felt trapped. I sat in my car between jobs feeling like I might as well be on a chain gang. I was afraid that I would work myself into an early grave, and spend every one of my last dying days driving from job to job in a city which I theoretically love but haven't the time to explore on account of how I'm working myself into an early grave.

Today I don't feel trapped. Today I believe that God wants better for me, and He always did. I asked myself why things should be any different in Regina, why I won't wind up working two jobs to get by, getting tired and grouchy and feeling trapped, and I don't really have an answer to that.... except that I don't think that's what God wants, and I don't even have any basis for that belief... aside from the conviction I feel and the peace that's came over me the moment I gave my notice at work.

My parents don't think that what I'm doing is wise, but my stepdad did say that if I felt peace after giving my notice, that said something. I said that this was the first time I ever felt peace about leaving somewhere to go somewhere else. I didn't say that this may be the most complete peace I've ever experienced. I'm not even worrying about money!!

As surely as the leaves are changing color outside, I can see the the season in my life turning. I'm excited. I wonder what God has planned?

In just a few days I'll find out.

Now to check on dinner.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Today I put together a little timeline regarding my poopers. Here it is.

Kisses anyone??
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