Saturday, April 02, 2005

I made a brief comment about terri schiavo a little while ago, and I have to recant it. It was made in ignorance of the issues and facts involved. It's true that I'm sick of hearing about it, but I've learned things since that have changed my perspective considerably.

Please feel free to challenge my ignorant or calloused statements, but be aware, if you're wrong, I will rip you to shreds.

I'm kidding. geez. Just be nice.

In thinking about writing and what it will take to inspire me, I'm wondering if what I need is a good dose of anonymity, and so I'm considering starting a second blog, a fresh project. This blog, of course, will continue. I'm going on 3 years, after all, I can't stop now. I think at times I'm brought up short by the knowledge that certain people are reading, there are things I can't say, heresies I can't utter. When this started, it was a barf bag for all the difficult emotional things I was dealing with, and I had no readers, so I had no fear of having to deal with things I wrote when I was talking with the people in my life.

The things I write now are relatively shallow and inconsequential. Is that because those are the only things I have to write, or is it because those are the only safe things to write? I don't know, but I'm willing to find out.

What do you think? Does anyone have any similar experience? Has anyone tried such a thing, and found success or failure?

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The girl at A&B Sound calls me "honey" and "sweetheart." I'm probably older than her, but she's pregnant, so I guess she can call me whatever she wants. I tried to buy "The United States of Leland" but it's $34 and you have to special order it, so I settled for "Cheaters" at a comparatively meager $10, possibly the only movie with jena malone that can be found for a reasonable price. It's great that they've lowered the prices on cd's but the cost of a good movie is outrageous. Do they wonder why media piracy abounds? Anyone who wonders why needs a good kick in the head.

I bought some tweezers and they don't tweeze. Tweezers, given their simple design and diminutive size, and grossly overpriced. The profit margin on tweezers probably leaves DVD's in the dust. The cheapest I could find were $4. The most expensive were pushing $30, and for all intents and purposes looked much the same. I just want to pluck my eyebrows without emptying my wallet. Instead, I count myself fortunate to have a metal file in my toolbox. A little filing and sanding got the tweezers working at a slightly better efficiency, but still nowhere near my money's worth.

I think it's terribly sad, don't you? Living in a consumer society, where most people don't think twice about being ripped off for a pair of tweezers, paying $30 for a DVD that cost ten cents to produce. The people ripping me off don't care that they're ripping me off, and lets face it, I demand entertainment and two eyebrows, as opposed to just one. Who's to blame? The criminals peddling the overpriced fodder or my own greed?

Don't get me wrong. "The United States of Leland" is worth every penny of $34 and I will probably wind up paying it due to the fact that the movie completely and utterly blew me away. But let's not forget that not long ago they were trying to charge 27.99 for Catwoman, and we all know how well that one measured up.

Recently an article appeared in the New York Post calling Canada a "great white waste of time" full of "zamboni driving molson sucking hockey goons." I read the article, and was incensed. Not because another american has made fun of canada. We all are very used to the general disrespect felt from our neighbors to the south, and quite frankly, Canadians are quite skilled at making a mockery of very nearly everything, including themselves (I just know that when Ani Difranco read that article, she stood up for us. Ani likes us).

What upset me was that Canada will never stand up for herself. Why can't we be independent of the States? Like the kid who walks away from a bully, saying "if that's how you'll be, then I just won't play with you." You've closed the border to beef? Fine, we're closing the border to hydro. See how your eastern seaboard does without our great canadian waste of electricity.

This is not to convey hostility, though it may sound like it. It's only to ask, why would you allow someone to take advantage of you, push you around, make fun of you, and then continue doing their homework for them? Why can't we just walk away from disrespect, put codependence aside and be our own country. Why does our prime minister keep pandering to George Bush, though we're getting ripped off on NAFTA, pressured into a missile program, and pushed around in the export market?

If you don't want to do business, then I don't want to business. Canada depends on America the way I depend on the corner drugstore and it's irritating.

That's all. I'm just irritated. Not by americans, not even by bush..... today. Today I'm irritated by the relationship my country has found itself in, and I have a feeling that Canada will never stand independent, will never demand equal treatment, and will always take blistering insults from the the New York Post, yet continue selling the U.S. everything it wants at a reasonable price.

It's like a shoppers optimum card. I get a point every time I buy $4 tweezers that don't tweeze, and 3 points on $30 face wash, but when I've accumulated 3 trillion points, I'll get $5 off my next purchase.

Gee, thanx.

I think I've come to the place where Canada is suiting my personality less, and I'm wondering who's changed. I love my country, I'm proud of what Canada is, but I would like to see her respect herself.

She could probably make her own tweezers, and tell shoppers optimum to piss off.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Listen, Blogger.

I am a busy woman. I do not have time for these shenanigans. When I click on "sign in" I expect you to sign me in. When I click on "create post" I expect you to open the fricking create post page. I cannot click back, and refresh, and back, and refresh, and close the program, and start it up again, and click back, and refresh, and back again..... a hundred times over just so I can update my weblog with the meaningless drivel that my 3 readers have come to expect from me. What do you think? That I have all day to fight with you? Do you think that I like sitting on this posture compromising chair waiting for you to capitulate?? Are you under the impression that I have nothing to do but contract eye cancer staring at a radioactive monitor for days on end, drinking pepsi and eating noodles?

I WISH that were the case. But it's not. I work 10 hours a day, and when I get home my back hurts and my head is itchy and I'm covered with grime and sawdust and I'm tired and crabby and I don't appreciate this shabby treatment. If you're not careful, I'll take my business to live journal or some other equally useless service with a not-nearly-as-cool name.

So stick that in your pipe and puff it.

As for the rest of you, I got nuthin'. I'm a little disturbed about this whole seal hunt thing, wondering when terri schiavo's parents are gonna respect her wishes and let her die in machine-free peace, and trying to figure out how it's possible that at the time when I most want to write, I can't come up with anything.

My parents and Chifunda will arrive on saturday afternoon to check out my pad and visit my church, so no, I don't have time to write much of anything, I don't even have time to write this post (but I did anyways, because I'm a pathetic blog junkie) because I need to clean the floor and do the laundry and straighten out the desk and table and other desk and coffee table and move my wardrobe from the floor into some sort of storage apparatus...... a project for which I have yet to develop a game plan.

So I guess this is goodbye. Until the next time Blogger lets me in, that is.
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