Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Good news just arrived in my inbox!!

Due to some cancellations, the high recommendations of Abu's various teachers, and my charming emails, Abu and I will indeed make it into the Agility Level 1 class, a class which is normally very very full and has a very very long waiting list!!

Yippeee!!! Abu's not sure why I'm so happy but she'll find out soon enough. Last night she performed fantastically on the A-frame and the weaving poles and I know that she'd be a fantastic demo dog. Some of you can get away with taking your dogs for walks, but my dog seems to require a little more stimulation.

Class one is march 7. Party on wayne.
Okay, I know an update is WAY overdue, so here it comes.

Today I am less satisfied that is typical with my job.... primarily my schedule. The 7 am thing is wearing me down, and I am pining for the writer's lifestyle, that is, tea and a toaster strudel in front of the computer at 10. Oh, how I long for that life. Home with Abu every day. Working in my PJ's (technically I don't have Pj's but it's the principal of the matter) Instead of interpreting the grunts and crude gestures of my cro-magnon coworkers I could be curled up in my favorite chair editing my latest short story.

Next..... I have a nephew due in half a month.... that is... 19 days. Shortly after, I shall be travelling to Vancouver to see said nephew, even though he will not be any fun to play with.... as of yet. I will also be visiting with my sister, the mother of aforementioned nephew, and brother in law, and maybe go see the ocean. I haven't see the ocean since my trip to Liberia. Of course that was a different ocean.....

I have purchased off the blessed internet a pair of the trendy heely shoes.... that is, shoes with a wheel embedded in the heel. I am very cool now that I have them. One of the little teeny bopper boys at church informed me that my new shoes "suck" so I just told him he needed to be less obsessed with being cool, lest he become a grumpy teenager who's too cool to have any fun. In theory I really like teenagers but sometimes they're a real pill.

Other than all these things, life goes on pretty much the same each day. Tonight I'm celebrating the profound patheticness of being a 25 year old spinster on valentines day with a barbecue chicken pizza and a beer. Good times.
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