Thursday, May 06, 2004

I know I know..... update already!!

It's just that as soon as she hears the clicking of the keyboard..... she turns into this rabid monster intent on destroying any and all items that take my attention from her..... but she's getting better.... and I ran her in the park until she begged me to go home, and now she's finally calm. All tuckered out.

There's been a change in my work schedule. Yes, I still work full time at my main job. However, I previously worked an additional 8-10 hours every other week as a janitor in two different offices. This has come to an end. Now I work 6 hours every week in just one office. This is better for many reasons. Mainly, it adds up to more hours..... which adds up to more money, which is better for my budget, which is just plain better.

BUT it also means that instead of working two 13 hour days on those two-job weeks, I'm working an hour and a half four days of every week..... does that make sense? It's more work, but more manageable hours. That's good for my poor exhausted body, and for my puppy who wants me to be her chew toy.

I'm watching the "Friends" finale...... I'm so sad they'll be gone!! I didn't initially like the show..... and I especially hated Jennifer Aniston. Now I love the show and especially love Jennifer Aniston. Weird how that works. How your tastes change. I'm gonna miss them. What will I watch? OH MY GOSH SHE CAN'T LEAVE YET!!! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO SHE LEFT!!!!!

Oh good she's back. geez. It's over. Sucks.

Now it's 9, I have to go to work AGAIN but this is the last such week. Be back by midnight.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

You know that movie, Mystery Men? Remember the guy who can be invisible "as long as no-one's watching?"

Well, my dog is paper trained, as long as no one's watching. In fact, the only time she has an accident is when I'm standing right in front of her. Usually she just waits till I'm distracted with something else, and then she goes and uses the paper like a good dog. This makes it impossible for me to praise her for using the paper, but then... she seems to be on top of it, aside from the expected accidents.

I guess we'll see what this next week brings. She's always so upset with me on monday when I go to work.

I really have little else to say, as you can see, this puppy has more or less taken over my life. The funny part is how many parallels there are between Abu and the little girl I now live with. They seem to learn the same things and go through similar problems at the same time. Right now, they're both working on the potty thing.

And I'm working on getting some video games into my system..... haven't played in weeks. Catch ya later.
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