Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Okay.... so I'm here.... I'm alive, and I have a library card. I spent my first night at my new home last night.... it was wonderful. Abu is feeling at home, and I'm running a thousand errands, getting all my information changed. The phone will be hooked up tomorrow, and once I'm employed I can get internet and tv and long distance. In the meantime, email me if you want my phone number. You can call me, but I can't call you.... I think that's how it works. Because I'm unemployed.

Hear that God? I'm unemployed..... tee hee..... just a reminder. I expect you to have a job lined up for me tomorrow.

Last night I went grocery shopping with some money that my mom gave me.... it was so nice to be able to get everything I needed without having to pick or choose.... I didn't wind up getting much food, mostly stuff for the medicine cabinet, cleaning supplies, vitamins, that sort of thing. But at least now I won't get stuck with a cold and nothing to treat it with, like I was recently. That's a bad feeling..... too poor to medicate yourself!! The food itself won't be too much money anyways, I've perfected the art of poverty eating.

Well I must go.... so much to do. I will be back sometime.... don't know when, but I will.

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