Saturday, March 18, 2006

Well Abu did good at the kennel. I, on the other hand, did less good.

Today is the day Abu starts her new raw diet, that is to say we've done away with the kibble (the equivalent of mcdonald's for humans). Maybe I'm willing to compromise every aspect of my health in order to have a quick, convenient alternative to *shudder* cooking, but when it comes to my dog it's a different story. Quite frankly, after doing some reading about what's actually in dried dog food, I'm appalled and outraged that I, along with the general dog-owning public, has been duped into believing that kibble comes close to providing the nutritional requirements of animals who are primarily carnivorous. Did you know that they put stool thickener in dog food?? Because if your dog had constant diarrhea you might have second thoughts about the label on the bag "High protein balanced diet." Yeah, right, and they don't put antinauseants in Big Macs.

So. Abu is slowly adjusting to her new dog food.

In other news, I have a new niece, but I have no picture as of yet. She was born on Thursday, and her name is Eleana (have yet to confirm the spelling). I will be flying to Vancouver to see her in April. The trip will serve multiple purposes. Besides snuggling my niece and visiting with my sister, I will be soaking up the chi of a million trees, and I will stand on the beach and stare out to sea as though I was one of the Teleri, seduced by the song of Ulmo in the land of Aman. I will wear something light and flowy for the occasion and I will look for the star of Earendil which forebodes doom for the evil one.

I will take walks and I will not wear my watch. Also, I will read books.

In actuality I have only two days in Vancouver. It will not be enough, but it will be wonderful. It will be green. I can hardly wait.

For now, things are quiet. Next weekend is a flyball tournament (that's one of the dogsports at the club where I train Abu). We won't be competing, but I agreed to volunteer some time. So that's the next big thing.

I guess I should go see if I've left that melon in the fridge too long. I sure would like to eat the melon.... but I'm not exactly sure when I bought it.....
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