Sunday, November 21, 2004

I don't know man.... I worked 60 hours this week.... Sunday is all but over, and then I'll go back to work. yikes. my back is giving me a mild amount of grief.... I've been feeling a little emo/melancholy these days and my dog pissing on the carpet doesn't help. Today I managed to skip church, complete 3 SOCOM missions, watch some tv, eat some fries, clean my dogs piss out of the carpet, and find out that I don't get to spend any money till tuesday morning because there's a hold on any checks deposited by bank machine to my account..... which is ALL OF THEM!!! So..... I'm not watching a movie. I was even thinking of getting some much needed new clothes.... but alas.... it's the same ragged garments.... until tuesday. Which really means saturday. Cuz you and I both know I'm not leaving the couch after work..... no way in hell.

I don't know what's with me today. I very nearly started crying during a switchfoot video and a couple other times at least.... particularly after I got off the phone with the bank..... I must be due for a hormonal imbalance. It's really important to understand the factors contributing to your moods so you can make excuses for your behaviour. Today I'm swearing alot. My hormonal imbalance made me do it. Probably a good time to write some poetry or something. Haven't written a poem in like a million years.

And yes, I HAVE been alive for a million years old.

I have nothing edifying to say, which totally violates my mandate..... heaven forbid I grow religious about the things I say on this site..... right? I mean, today I'm tired. Not because my life is the depressing draining stressful existence that it used to be, but because I worked really hard this week. It's important to work hard..... Work ethic is not something that's often taught in church, or other places frequented by christians, but let me tell you, in the workplace a hard worker is an excellent testimony for Christ.

Even better is if you don't complain about it. If you're hormonally imbalanced it doesn't count as complaining.

Ho-Lee time is just flying by while I blog and watch Fandemonium which is the stupidest friggin' way to showcase complete flaming OCD imbeciles. At least I keep my OCD to myself..... mostly. Though I have to say that ever since returning Freaky Friday I've been really missing Lindsay.....

Must go. Call it a night.
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