Thursday, August 11, 2005

I wrote some stuff yesterday but blogger went down for service right before I hit post. I have no intention of repeating anything I said then, since it's no longer current. For those of you who are curious about what I'm up to, not much. The kinda big thing was the possibility of buying a house but in the name of practicality I'm not gonna push it. Probably in about a year I'll be ready. This is disappointing in that the house I had my eye on won't be available when I'm ready for it, but it's also nice. Just another reminder that God is in control. I'll have a house when He wants me to, and it will be the right house for me. When a door closes like this, it's almost encouraging, because it reminds me that maybe I was settling, and there's a better plan down the road. Sometimes I get tired of waiting for the better, when I'd just as soon settle for the acceptable. I have to remind myself to be patient, and not to fall asleep while I wait.

I feel more focused than I have in a long time. Even though life seems tedious, the routine of work and sleep isn't really getting me down. It should feel pointless and dreary but it doesn't. I don't feel anticipation but I am looking forward to something.

My holidays maybe. One just over a week I'll be heading back to manitoba to do a little visiting and camping. I look forward to things like..... trees...... and hills.... and all the people I've been missing, a change of scenery, a long drive. A solid block of down time.

I constantly wonder what's next for me, but I know that if I'm patient and wait for God's cue, it'll be far better than anything I could come up with.

So. That's it. Till we meet again.
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