Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I have been on holidays. It's good to take a holiday. I was camping in my parents trailer in a lovely little campground at St. Malo. This location boasts poo colored water with loads of seaweed but also secluded campsites surrounded by something I have been missing in saskatchewan....... TREES!! So many trees. I spent most of my time soaking up their chi and reading the memoirs of Nelson Mandela.

I also bought a book called "The Art of Happiness at Work" which essentially the record of a number of conversations held with the Dalai Lama on the subject of.... well.... work. Last but not least, "The Silmarillion" by Tolkien. The Silmarillion is a book I've read before, and to be quite honest it captured my imagination more so than LOTR. It's essentially a mythology of Middle Earth, starting with the creation of Middle Earth by the Iluvatar and ending somewhere in the middle of LOTR. It's far more brief but covers a fantastic period of time and many many stories concerning the relations between the first elves and the governing powers of the earth...... I love it.

I started each of these books but spent the bulk of the time reading Mandela's book, "Long Walk to Freedom." Mandela has long been one of my heros, and I enjoyed cross referencing his account of the fall of apartheid with one of my favorite movies, Sarafina, which is a musical drama about the student uprising in Soweto which contributed to international pressure on the South African government.

Aside from compulsive reading, Abu and I took many walks, and she had a good time swimming in the poo water. She'll be going to the groomer promptly. My parents and sister joined me, and it was good to see them. I probably won't be going back before Christmas, when my stepsister will probably have a brand new baby.

As nice as a holiday is, it's wonderful to be home again. Abu's joy is obvious. She slept beside me in bed all night long, almost unheard of, and she is curled up on my bed as I right this. I'm waiting for panago to open so I can order some breakfast, and I think I'll do a little online shopping to celebrate a succesful holiday.

Auntie Wanda, if you're out there, I wanted to see you but it just got too busy. Let's try to cross paths at christmas?

Now I must get back to my post holiday recuperation.
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