Saturday, November 15, 2003

Clark was right, I am a cyborg. Had you all fooled.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Today is truly a wonderful day. At Google, Rantings is now the FIRST result for "Leila Fast" and the SECOND result for "little bear."

It's also a wonderful day because it's friday, and the sun shone ALL DAY. It got so warm that puddles gathered in the parking lot and I did my day's work JACKETLESS!! In fact, despite the fact that I felt ill, I walked to the store for my lunch wearing a toque, mitts, and a hooded sweatshirt. The cool fresh air seeping in through the thin fabric made me happy...... blissfully so. I slowed down, trying to stretch out the moment, my face tipped towards the blue sky, breathing deeply.

Down by the river, my happiness was temporarily stunted..... the river is such a sad looking place in winter. The water has gone down so far that previously hidden trash is peeking out of the mud in the uncovered bank. The calm brown water reflects bare trees. There are no birds chirping, no squirrels chattering. I stood there, stunned at the ugliness of my favorite place. And then I left.

So today is still a wonderful day. Today is the day we will eat sushi, Star Trek will play endlessly on channel 16. Pepsi will overflow, movies will be watched, and the wee hours of the morning will find me passed out here in the basement with a slobbery grin on my comatose face.

So make no mistake. Today is a wonderful day. You should thank God for this day, since He made it so truly wonderful.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Well, it was time. Time to hack through a years growth and attempt to shape my unruly locks. Below you will see my lovely, supercool sister, Chifunda, fixing my ugly head. Enjoy.

Next step? Get some dye for those horrible roots!!
So, I went to see Matrix Revolutions today.

Most of the reviews I've heard have been negative..... and I have to say..... I mean..... what exactly were you expecting?

Did you think that any other installment of the Matrix could come close to the first? Did you think maybe Keanu had finally learned to act?? Were you hoping that Hollywood had forgotten it's preoccupation with idealized love and sex?

Do you feel ripped off that you just didn't "get it?"

Tell me you weren't just dying for answers within 5 minutes of the film starting. Tell me that you weren't frustrated, compelled, gripped by the suspense. Tell me it wasn't a skillfully put together picture, tell me the graphics weren't incredible.

I mean, really? Have we become such a demanding public that it's not enough for a movie to have action and romance and graphics and special effects and suspense..... Now it also has have perfect dialogue and a profound message about the meaning of life, and we want it in single syllable words that we can understand immediately without needing to search it out?

It's a movie!!

One thing that I especially appreciated was the incorporation of japanime culture... After watching a lot of extra material, particularly the Animatrix, I learned that the wakowski brothers have a real fascination with japanese and manga culture and so a lot of the principles that you find in japanese animation are present in the way the film is presented. Recognizing this while watching it really heightened my enjoyment. For example, if you've ever spent any time appreciating Dragonball Z (any galactic battle between any two super powerful fighters will do) then you'll notice the similarities between the cartoon and the final battle between Neo and Agent Smith.

Sure, Neo and Trinity...... give me a break. Shut up and get the job done already (love love mush mush.... there's just not time, dammit!!) Morpheus? Loosen up. Too many words? Maybe. But I was on the edge of my seat. I experienced anger, frustration, fear, nervousness, and joyful victory.

I enjoyed the movie, but for those who haven't yet seen it, I would say this. Don't try figuring it out as soon as it starts. Take it all in, watch the pretty stuff, and when it's all done, and you've got all the details but still don't get it, don't worry about it. Go see it again.

Or wait till you can rent Reloaded and Revolutions both, watch them together, which is the only way either of them will make sense anyways.

Monday, November 10, 2003

I'm remembering that I used to be far more active in the blogging community, that is, visiting, commenting, addressing similar topics as other bloggers in order to provide a variety of angles...... in fact, I noticed that since I started blogging, the blogging community has become a lot less interactive. Maybe it's just me.

Nevertheless, the blogosphere is a unique and fascinating community and for that reason I'd like this website to jump back into the fray and take part in some dialogue.

Not now though. I'm too tired.
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