Tuesday, September 21, 2004

So I ask you, what's the point in updating a website, when there's nothing new to update it with?? Absolutely none whatsoever, thus my silence over the past week or so. Knowing that if I started updating I'd just whine about my indecision and lack of direction, I opted for silence, and anyways, I finally got my video capture device working (mostly) so I've got lots to play with it.

But Wait!!! Ships Ahoy!!! There is land on the horizon! The clouds are parting, a plan is taking place, and I have come to a decision, and I have made a choice, and I have given notice to all the necessary individuals, and on October 2 I will be packing up my car and my dog and planting myself firmly in a brand new adventure, which will take place in Regina.

No, I have no house..... no, I have no job..... no, I have no money. What I do have is an apparent Word from God (which only I have heard) that appears to contradict all the vestiges of rational thought. Allow me to explain that I actually have two Words from God. The first one is "Go west young (wo)man." The second one is "Trust Me."

The question I have is this. How will I ever learn to discern the voice of God if I don't act on it? How will I ever know if He was telling me to go if I never actually go. Is my faith worth anything if it only functions with the safety net of money beneath me? Haven't people been telling me my whole life that God will look after me and provide for me and be with me at all stages and in all places? Even if I've made a horrible mistake, will He not come with me anyways? Will He allow me to starve despite all my efforts to do the right thing?

It's because I finally know the answers to these questions that I've made the plunge, and I'm relieved. Just yesterday I had everything I needed, but I was stressed and tormented by questions and confusion. Today I feel good. I feel excited. I feel sick, but that's a result of overworking (nothing a little tylenol flu won't fix).

I've got a lot on my plate these next two weeks, so I might not be around much. I'll do my best, but I won't promise anything. I think that once I'm somewhat settled in Regina I'll start thinking about changing the format and maybe giving this site a direction of sorts.

Now I must eat. Fare thee well.
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