Monday, January 30, 2006

I feel the need to post even though I'm completely blank, and it's just about time for bed.

I've got Ani Difranco on the brain. I was just checking out the pictures on her website from her trip to Burma/Thailand. This resulted in two emotions. The first was an overwhelming longing for another trip to Liberia. I saw the pictures of burmese children holding her hand and I instantly thought of Jackson and Roosevelt and Sunny Boy, a whole month of little children hanging on my arms and dancing in front of my camera and singing in their beautiful voices.

The second was overwhelming respect for Ani, who I already respect. I had no idea that she went to burma. Before she was an incredibly talented, intelligent, socially conscious and freethinking musician and entrepreneur. Now she is all of those things, and a visitor of refugee camps and orphanages in remote jungles.

I'm also thinking about how much Abu enjoys her classes right now, and how I'm gonna have to commit to the next 10 years of agility training. This will be a lot of fun. Maybe we'll even get into competing. Abu has a natural knack for it, as I suspected she would. My dog is brilliant.

I'm reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It's written with the typical generic style that characterizes all "new york best-sellers" but the subject matter is quite fascinating, which must account for dan brown's recent popularity.

My house group is deceased so my fridays are wide open now. it's a little unsettling. My only social night is no longer a given. I may have to actually make plans intentionally. Or I could just stay home and watch movies. After all, there's always sunday lunch.

okay now I'm just procrastinating. I should be going to bed. make me go. no snack, just straight to bed. go. go now.
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