Tuesday, February 03, 2004

I don't know, man, I just don't know.

There's a lot going on. Lots to think about. Lots to consider. Life feels a little less stable right now than I'm comfortable with. I would love to go to bed without any questions. I would love to wake up and not find my fuzzy blanket at the other side of my room.

My church is doing a corporate fast and it suddenly occurred to me to day that I might, in the name of community, like to participate. I mean, it's not like I'm short on things to pray about. It's not as though I spend far too much time with God. But then, it's not like I'm well fed, and my job requires quite a bit of physical exertion. Fasting from food is probably not a healthy choice.

So then I started thinking, what prevents me from spending time with God? The immediate answer..... TV and Computer. So while I prefer to put a great deal of thought into my fasts..... I decided quite suddenly this afternoon to fast from TV and Computer until monday. Though the idea sounds threatening, really I'm looking forward to it. I'll start once I'm done this post.

The grand total for hits courtesy of janet jackson's boobs? 662 as of 10:30 tonight. Nuts, hey? I think that's nuts.

So I'm going on a little holiday. I'm sure I'll have lots to say when I get back. I plan to spend a lot of time reading, writing in my notebook, and praying about some key areas. I'll miss you all very much.

I'm going now. See you later.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Oh wait I just figured it out!! Janet Jackson's boob fell out during the half-time show at the super bowl!!!

Wow. Thanx for the hits, Janet.
Normally I get about 31 hits a day. A modest average. Today? 144. Why??


Really...... this individual is sick..... and a very slow learner. They've been to my site 144 times....... more specifically, he's looking for Janet's left boob. I'm so confused.

Oh and that nasty virus going around, mydoom, it's been trying to get me..... I just keep deleting emails. So all of you, keep an eye out for MAILER-DAEMON or undeliverable email notices. Don't open the attachments.

Stupid hacker scum. complicating my life.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Apparently, someone is desperately seeking Janet Jackson's boobs. They typed the keyword's "Janet," "Jackson," and "boob" into five different search engines, and my site came up each time..... each time they came to my site.

Insanity...... repeatedly trying the same thing expecting different results.....

Why, you're probably asking, does my site come up when a search is conducted regarding janet jackson's boobs? Well, one day I mentioned a video by Janet Jackson, and then also mentioned that a Julia Roberts movie was on the boob toob. That means TV.

So now my life has been blessed with a new routine. To compensate for my dysfunctional block heater, I slide a car warmer into my engine, plug it in, cover the engine with a sleeping bag, and lay the hood on top of it. In this manner, my car willingly, in fact joyfully, starts every morning. Though it's not that cold anymore, I'm not taking any chances. This will be my routine until I see buds on the trees...... well maybe not quite that extreme, but close.

I've been working really hard helping my friend move into her new place, which is happily quite close to my home. Besides moving boxes, I've been scrubbing yellow smokey walls, vaccuuming carpets, soaking rooms in febreeze, consoling a sick and tired baby, moving furniture, and drinking pepsi and beer. Soooooo tired. Last night I was trying to defrost a freezer that was so frosted there was no room left for food. I was chipping away with a screwdriver when a chunk of ice shot out and hit me in the eye.

This was no minor "oh I just got something in my eye" I'm talking a poke in the eye so painful I'm surprised that my eyeball didn't burst right there and leak eyeball juice all over my favorite shirt. It was ten minutes before I could open the eye, and even then, only for a split second. It was tearing like crazy, and since my eye was irritated, my nose was running, and since it's winter, and dry, and I've been blowing it so much since I had that cold, my nose started bleeding.

So while I was alone in my buddy's house wearing shades to protect my eyes while trying to defrost her freezer with one eye open and one eye closed leaking like a broken tap my nose was running and bleeding and my head was hurting since I was clenching my teeth to deal with the pain in my eye.

I still couldn't see properly when I went to bed last night. I watched James Bond since it always puts me to sleep...... more like listened.... I was far too happy to close my eyes. I woke up this morning and went right back.

What a weekend..... I don't want to go to work tomorrow.
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