Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I bought a new bible. I thought if I had one that weighed less than ten pounds I might be persuaded to bring it with me places, like church or house group or something. So I now have a spiffy "Message" pocket size bible in a lovely browny yellow. So far I like it, though I haven't actually read it.... yet.

Abu is progressing with her obedience lessons, though I think she's a little bored. The first couple days we practiced, she learned everything and performed all that was asked of her, but now she's antsy and jumpy. Like "yeah yeah I know this, what else?" Regardless, we have to practice practice practice. Hopefully we can zoom through the obedience stuff so we can move on to the fun..... flyball and agility. One of the owners at the dog park gave me a dvd he made of the Kaos Dogsports agility demos and they are fantastic..... Just the challenge Abu needs to keep her on her toes, and by the looks of things, I might get some exercise too.

Watched Snatch today. Pretty good, but turn the "pikey subtitles" on. Brad Pitt does an excellent job of being incomprehensible.

I'm tired. Bon, we will talk. Nighty night.
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