Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Well, abu is feeling better. a vet visit, 74 dollars and a whole bunch of rice and boiled beef, my puppy is starting to return to her former self, in tiny spurts, between frequent bouts of exhaustion. she hasn't eaten a proper meal since thursday night, and finally today I was able to coax about a tablespoon of digestive rescue formula into her empty little tummy. She's lost 5 pounds..... alot, when you only weigh 40.

The vet didn't really know what was wrong with her. She kept throwing up and refused to eat, getting weaker and weaker by the day, but God only knows why. A hydrating IV with an anti-vomit kick settled her for the night, during which she was permitted only to lick ice cubes. This morning I stayed home from work for 3 hours to perform the delicate balance of administering and observing. Drink some water.... one hour without vomit earns a little rice and a little more water.

breakfast thus served, I went to work, where I was very tense and anxious. I raced home to find abu in high spirits, even jumping up (under normal circumstances, very annoying, today, fantastic) She eagerly had somer more rice..... stopping at about a tablespoon.

my poor baby. soon as she's feeling up to speed, we're going to the off leash park.

Monday, July 11, 2005

abu is very sick.

Since my domain name is about to expire, I'm gonna publish this site to bearintransition.blogspot.com just in case I feel like posting. but I make no promises.
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