Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hey guys I know I suck at posting lately, but I've posted a bunch of pics over at my photo blog...... finally. Mostly the dogs. Suki went home with her new family yesterday. They saw our ad in the paper and called us at 8 in the morning. By 10 we could have given that puppy away 10 times. Seems like everyone you talk to needs a dog like they need a hole in the head, but you put an ad in the paper, and all of a sudden everyone needs a dog, even if it is a border collie scrub. A very nice family came over, with their two young kids.

Puppies have a way of embedding themselves into your family, so that even after just two weeks, even after inconveniencing you at every turn, you don't want to just hand them over to any human who comes along. You want to make sure she has good puppy chow, and someone to play with, and a big yard, and that no one will raise their voice at her or make her scared, and you want her to keep her name, and that first night you want to be there to make sure she's not afraid or lonely in her new home.

So I had been praying since her first night here that we could find the right home for her, and sooner rather than later, before we got too attached. I feel confident that God has provided just that, and what's more, she gets to keep her name. So, we took a family portrait, and sent suki to her new home, then settled down to listen to the silence that took over the house.

We've kept the animals busy to keep their minds off it. Everything is back to normal. I bought "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "American History X." Both excellent films, but Eternal Shine is a real trip. It definitely got me thinking, but I think I'd have more appreciation for it if I had ever been part of any romantic relationship. Let's face it, most love stories rely on fantasy, but Eternal Sunshine is a little different. Watch it and you'll see what I mean, and why I couldn't quite relate. Beautifully filmed and completely original, not to mention well acted. American History X is an extremely gritty of an ex neo nazi who gets out of jail only to find that his brother is following the very same path. Not always easy to watch, or listen to, but amazing nonetheless. Addresses a lot of very pertinent social issues.

Now I gotta go. have a good night.
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