Saturday, March 11, 2006

In preparation for my trip to vancouver, Abu is having a sleepover at the kennel. I dropped her off this morning, and won't see her until tomorrow afternoon. It's amazing how much space a dog takes up, really..... emotionally. I live in a tiny house and I feel like I'm all alone in the Croft mansion. I'm about ready to chew my wrists off. I bought new wiper blades and installed them in the hopes of killing some time, but it was too easy..... I was done in no time, so I went to mcdonalds. Then I watched a movie. Then I fixed my online banking and paid some bills. All in the hopes of distracting myself from the distinct absence of that undefinable feeling of not being the only sentient being in a certain space.

I mean, lets be honest, if Abu wasn't at the kennel, she'd be sacked out in the front room, across the entranceway, and I wouldn't see her or hear her or smell her, I'd just play video games and be perfectly content. But I KNOW she's not there. So I'm restless. So restless that I even called people for lunch, but nobody could. So. I have new wiper blades, the bills are paid, I'm sick of watching movies. There's nothing left but to clean the house. *shudder*

Once I'm done with the basement, I'll drown my sorrows in junk food and then I'll exercise the exercise ball to assuage my binger's remorse.

Ooops I forgot about grocery shopping.... Too bad. That always puts me in a bad mood..... and I'm already there.

I miss my dog. I don't know how I expect to sleep tonight.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I think laughter is something you give, like condolences, or respect, or applause. Maybe this is why I'm reluctant to laugh at people I don't like, no matter how funny they are.
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