Friday, February 13, 2004

Sooo...... I accidentally stabbed myself with my own fingernail, and the wound was infected the next morning. This tells me one of two things.

My hands were dirty......

Or the more likely answer. I am the lost X-man/woman, Hydrophobia. All those I scratch, bite, or slobber on die quickly and terribly from rabies.

So stay back. I'm dangerous through no fault of my own.
My DNA has betrayed me.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I went to a comedy club.

It was funny.

Who'd'a thunk?

Monday, February 09, 2004

When all else fails, Captain Picard is there booming out orders that will set the universe at ease (Energize!). Star Trek is usually on somewhere. That makes full cable worth the money.

Work work work. I'm tired of work. I'd love to pull an "Office Space" and just stop going. I like my job. But my back hurts.

Rafiki just called to light a fire under my ass regarding the Liberia trip. She gets me so riled up.... it looks like there's a possibility of going in November instead of July, which we're both leaning towards since the November trip would be smaller, and we would be able to focus on the thing that we'll be doing.

What, you ask, is the thing that we'll be doing? Well there's about 500 kids at the orphanage we're dealing with, and Rafiki wants to get pictures and the personal stories of each child in order to put together a sponsorship program. She'll be needing an assistant, which is where I come in. This will mean that I will get my grubby paws on a digital camcorder and put some videos together (a dream come true, my shot at making videos starring african children) and write up some profiles. This will most likely keep us busy for the three weeks.

This excites me for a couple of reasons. The first is because I'll be working side by side with Rafiki, something which I've dreamt of doing since she became my hero when I was like..... 16 or something. When she explained to me that God is big. The other is because sponsorship is something that I think is awesome. I've been sponsoring through World Vision since I got my first full time job, and the interaction I have with my kids is incredibly rewarding. I think that sponsorship is a great way to help with poverty stricken kids because it bridges the gap between cultures and locations by making it personal. Instead of just sending money and washing your hands of the matter, you get to know a child and watch them grow up. It's so rewarding.

This orphanage, unlike World Vision, is able to get more personal. They're not just looking for financial sponsors, they're looking for people who will welcome children into their families through letter writing and prayer. The sponsorship is not only until the child turns 18, but aims to continue into post secondary education, in an attempt to give these kids a good step up.

The other thing is, these kids are orphans. Their situation is quite desperate. Many of them have lost their parents to AIDS, and many themselves have AIDS. They have no-one in the world, so the possibility of being sponsored by a family is not just a matter of financial provision, but emotional provision. That is, if the families sponsoring them commit to keeping in touch. Anyways, I just feel really strongly about what we'll be doing, and I think it's worthwhile.

This trip won't end for me when we come back to Canada, but I'll have the opportunity to continue contributing after the fact. My motivation is fresh. I felt hesitant before, like I was just gonna drop however much money to go play in the sun with some kids, but now I know what I'll be doing, so I can raise funds with complete confidence that the money will be well spent.

So now I hate to say it, but if anyone is interested in contributing, you're welcome to email me. More importantly, I covet your prayers as I try to get my affairs in order before I leave. I know that I lack discipline and tend to procrastinate, so that's a pretty good place to start.

Now I need to get to bed. Why won't MSN Messenger sign in? Doesn't matter. I'm going to bed.

Sunday, February 08, 2004

Back a day early. I worked so hard on shovelling the walk that I simply had to sit down with a pepsi and read some stuff. Then because I was so lonely in the house by myself, I thought I might chat a bit. Then I thought since I was here I might as well say hello.

Yesterday while sitting and writing in my notebook, a million memories came back to me. I wrote them down as a collection of stories and life lessons. I titled it "Everything I need to know, I learned from a German Shepherd." It's about the dog that raised me. Once I polish it up I'll make it available for reading.

Spending my days in front of the tv and computer make me feel like a drone, it's true. It felt good to be a human again, but today I almost regret it. It's left me feeling a little raw..... a little sensitive..... a little over emotional. And I know what's bugging me, but I'm not gonna tell you. Instead, I'm gonna numb my mind with the endless yammering of superstation and yak on msn. I'm starting to understand something about myself which is normal and fine but is hard to acknowledge.

Humans are an odd breed. Odder yet is the fact that I am one of them. Most infuriating is my inability to escape my humanity. I didn't sign up for this. Yet here I am.

Sometime tonight I have to go fill my car with gas. Oooooh, an outing. How exciting!!
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