Saturday, March 25, 2006

Most of you who read this already know, but I have recently been crippled by a rusty nail. Despite this unfortunate event, life is continuing as it always does, but with slightly more pain. Abu is doing good on her new food, though she eats considerably less than is recommended. I'm not concerned, as she never did eat much. Right now she's munching on a big meaty bone.

I spent the afternoon box-judging at a flyball tournament. It's funny, because although I had already decided not to train Abu in flyball, I'm still tempted to try her at it just to see how fast she could go. I bet she could go really fast, but could and would are two very different things. She can't really be bothered with fetching.

So here's hoping that I can walk by the time our tuesday agility class rolls around. Also, walking would come in handy for grocery shopping, which would come in handy for eating. I'm almost out of noodles, and then it's down to mushroom soup, canned exotic fruit, and frozen things from boxes. Oh yes, and powdered cappuccino.

I have been insanely busy this week. Even completely healthy, this level of activity would normally be a recipe for an anxiety attack, but strangely enough, I'm doing okay. Normally a beer before bed will buy me an extra hour of sleep, but last night I got well over 10 hours, which is almost unheard of for me. The chaos is not over yet. I might be going out tonight, and tomorrow morning I have to be practicing with the worship team at 8:30. Poor Abu is suffering from neglect, which is why we played hide and seek and then I gave her a big raw bone.

Obviously my life is very dull. I have nothing to talk about aside from the relative absence of food in my house, and my dog's affinity for raw meat.

I guess I'll do the dishes now.
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