Sunday, November 26, 2006

Oh that's right.... I used to blog here.....

Sorry guys, I've been preoccupied. let's see..... here's a pic of my new arrival...

Her name is puja and she's a fantastic puppy, really rounded out our household. I am now firmly convinced that dogs should come in pairs. Abu wasn't sure at first, but she now is quite attached to her new sister.

Work has been crazy busy and I've even been occasionally socializing during the week, trying to do a little housework now and then and cooking a little just for good measure. That said, when I have time to blog, I have no functioning brain cells, and I've been opting for less interactive activities, such as staring at the wall, staring at a movie, or laying on a dogpile on the floor with my two favorite mongrels.

My most recent celebrity obsession is natalie portman. My hair is still black. I now wear a ballaclava to the park. I have eczema on my thumb, of all places. I've discovered that I really like Brahma beer. Looking forward to Joan of Arcadia Season 2 FINALLY coming out on DVD, and I've decided to build a UFO, whereupon I will need to move to the country so I can work the bugs out in privacy.

That's about it, not much changes out here in the land of relentless routine. Kim, by all means, call me, and Krista, any time you're in town, let's totally hang out. Email is better than comments.... I check that more often.

later kids, bedtime.


Blogger Colleen said...

Nice to see you back!

9:45 PM  

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