Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Chifunda sent me an email, asking my perspective on some things that she's wrestling with, and suggested posting it here to get some other perspectives as well. Please comment, but keep in mind that if you become a stumbling block to my little sister I will slit your throat in the night.

And, without further ado, Chifunda writes:

i just finished reading a bit from your site and i was reading the one about the christian faith and all the wholes that are right in the center...hehe well i have come across a big whole and i was wondering what your opinion on it is. i was sitting in church a couple weeks ago and listening to the preacher talk about pride and how it is so bad that God actually HATES people who have pride and so on and so on....he gave references, but i dont remember them. anyways im sure you can find them. anyways he was saying how God hates pride and is repulsed by the people with pride. that got me thinking....since when does God hate anybody? i thought god IS love and if he is love then there is no room for hate. that is what i was led to believe before anyways. whats that all about??

and the preacher went on to say that the was war in heaven because Satan had pride and wanted to get on top. so there was war and satan was thrown out of heaven. well, well....im thinking 'how can there be WAR in heaven??' i thought heaven was a perfect place so im confused as to whether this mr. preacher man knew what he was talking about or if this is a huge contridiction. because war in heaven means that heaven is no better than earth, and is therefor not perfect. so why would i wanna go to heaven?? whos to say that war in heaven cannot happen again? if heaven was perfect in the first place i dont think that this whole situation with satan wanting to be perfect would have ever happened. so many questions....im a bit confused.
did you ever think of this stuff before?? i tried to get an answer and some people just think they know the answer but it still makes no sense.
so maybe put it on your blog or something if you want....get some opinions cuz i dont have a clue.
what do you think, my dear??? your a smart one you should be able to answer this. or at least have some sort of theory.

well email me or call me back and let me know how life is so far. Satan didnt kill your dog did he?? i hope not. anyways have a gooder!!

Monday, February 07, 2005

My boss..... ugh! Some days I just want to turn around and walk away from him. Not a word, just get my jacket, my bag, my keys, and walk out the door. Why? Because he's a jackass. Just your standard run of the mill male bigot. We all know how I love bigots. A good day at work is one where I don't have to look at or hear him.

If I do have to look at or hear him, a shipment from Columbia House can correct the problem. A box of DVD's will fix everything right up. "Kill Bill Volume 2" is no longer so lonely, now that Volume 1 has joined it. The Charlie's Angels Duo is complete. The Matrix is two thirds of the way there. "Honey" soothes my Jessica Alba craving since I can't stay up late enough to watch Dark Angel.

I was watching "A Walk to Remember".... (I know.... don't say it) and there was an interesting quote, though I can't remember who it's by. "What is a friend? One soul dwelling in two bodies." Reflecting on that quote made me feel aggravated. The movie itself leaves one feeling frustrated.

I have to take my vitamins, and get to bed.
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