Saturday, September 13, 2003

Two things that are glorious, in such away that little can compare, with the exception of Vietnamese food or a good nap in the trees. These two things are: Barbecue Chicken Pizza from Panago, and passing out on the couch in front of the tv.

The weekends are the only time that I can fall asleep on the couch, so I try to make a point of doing so. I move my pillow and teddy bear (yes that's right, I sleep with a teddy bear. He's mister to you. Mister Limpy, and he helps me sleep) and I pop in a dvd, set the tv to sleep and give it an hour or so. Last night I watched Romeo Must Die, for a few minutes anyway. Then I passed out and I guess the DVD just kept repeating itself because when I woke up and turned the tv back on, it was still playing. So now I get to see the end.

You see? Everything works out for those who fear God.

I woke up and stumbled into an empty pipe that runs along an inconveniently placed support pillar, in the basement, that is. As I did, the pipe made a loud noise, but I didn't feel a thing. Maybe I'll feel it tomorrow morning.

Anyways, I highly recommend barbecue chicken pizza.


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