Tuesday, September 09, 2003

It was super windy during my lunch, but otherwise a beautiful day, so I took my lunch down to the river. Behind the building, down the hill through the bush, around the corner, and down on the concrete slab. The thing about this particular spot, in relation to the direction of the wind, is that the trees and building blocked the wind completely. I could hear the wind, and a ferocious wind it was, roaring through the trees behind me, but all I felt was a light, comfortable breeze.

I ripped into my cheeseburger and looked out at the water, where the wind was driving whitecaps north....... against the stream of the river. How very odd, I thought. The river continued to flow south, naturally, and yet the surface of the water raced north. Anyone who didn't know this river might stumble out of the bush and think it was a north flowing river.

It's my personal belief that, in nature more than ever, God speaks about stuff.... be it Him, or spiritual truths, or life in general, so naturally I got to wondering what I could take away from watching the Red River run north.

I decided that it was one more reminder not to let circumstances influence my judgment. The weather will never reverse the flow of a river..... that's the way it works in nature, and that's the way it works in my life. Deep, hey? What is it they say about deep water?? It runs slow?? uh...... I don't know if that's what they say, but I've observed this to be true..... oh wait..... still waters run deep? I don't know.



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