Tuesday, June 22, 2004

There is something which I do not need but I want very much.

It's one thing to ask God for things that you need. God has been teaching me about providing for my needs, and He has been faithful to the point of hilarity, and I've been finding that my faith has been growing as I petition God for the things that I need to live.

But what about the things that I want? Things that I don't need but which would be really nice. Things like a comfy bed in a room with a window, a well paying job when I move, or one last chance to see Chimwemwe before she moves to Ireland indefinitely.

After all, it's not MY fault she's my friend, or that the plan has changed and she's leaving right when I get back from Africa.

I don't NEED to see her. Just like I didn't NEED that ring back, and I don't NEED a queen size pillowtop bed in an above ground room with a window (which is where I currently sleep). I don't NEED a dog for that matter, or food to eat every day. Every other day will be just fine.

So in the same way that I didn't need those things, but it sure was sweet of God to give them to me anyway, I would love to see my friend again before she goes away. So that's what I'm praying for.

Wish me luck.... or pray with me. One of the two.


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