Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Like...... seriously?

LICK DICK..... that's what you'd like to say?

I know, I know. Fresh snow, a wide lawn tucked between 3 stories of balconies and the bare trees of the river bank. It's like a massive blank pallet, a clean slate for your day. Oh, to be the first one there, to share your message with the sky, to say something to the world that's bigger than yourself. I used to answer the call, on white winter mornings, pulling on my snow boots. Yes, I too, wrote my words in the snow, where my mom could look out her kitchen window and smile at my cleverness.

So you pull on boots and mittens and throw on a jacket, race out before anyone, and then with engineering genius that rivals the mathematical technology of crop circles, you write...... LICK DICK.

I made my way across the snow, kicking and stomping until the words were indiscernible.

Words like this belong in an exchange of obscene name calling between Clark and I. They do not belong in the beauty of creation. Once again, humans make things bad. They cut things down, they make things dirty and spread their stink and then if that's not quite enough, they write dirty words in the clean white snow.

We clearly harbour individuals of high integrity at our project.


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